A Stroll Down Memory Lane

The people of Jacksonville must have done something right to be blessed with Dreamette for the past 70+ years!

This simple ice cream stand, established in 1948 in Murray Hill, has become a living piece of Americana and a beloved destination for generations.

Although it’s changed hands a few times since its establishment, the Dreamette tradition of serving the best quality ingredients quickly and with a smile lives on every day.

Humble Beginnings

The 650 square foot home of Dreamette in the heart of Murray Hill has witnessed countless memories and celebrations for the past 70+ years, drawing crowds from all over the city to line up at the window and order Jacksonville’s best ice cream.

The Legacy Lives On

“You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!” Today, Dreamette continues to draw hungry people each day to enjoy soft serve ice cream, waffle cones, shakes, sundaes, banana splits, freezes, and more! There are even pup cups for our four legged friends. 🐶

We’ve loved hearing your Dreamette stories!

  • The young couples who became engaged with a hot fudge sundae and “Honeymoon” milkshake in hand.
  • The young mother stopping by to enjoy some ice cream… just hours before her first child was born! And then naming the little girl “Dreamette” in honor of the establishment. ♥
  • The police officers who line up by the dozens for their “can you eat a large cone” challenges on a regular basis.

…and more stories bubbling to the surface with each delightful conversation!

YOU are what makes Dreamette such a special place.

Welcome to the San Marco Dreamette!

Now open at 1905 Hendricks Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32207!

Spreading Sweet Joy!

Over the past 70+ years our city has expanded and the population has boomed! We are thrilled to bring the magic of Dreamette to San Marco!

Meet the Owners

Brian & Deanne Roes are ice cream enthusiasts, involved community members and the owners of San Marco Dreamette.

in 2005, Brian and Deanne moved to Jacksonville from Rochester, NY to be closer to family and for Brian’s job as a music teacher at Riverside Presbyterian Day School. Within a few weeks of settling in to their new home a co-worker told Brian about Dreamette and insisted that Brian check it out.

This advice was well-received (of course) and Dreamette gained yet another devoted customer!

As the years carried on and their family grew, Brian and Deanne began talking about owning an ice cream shop as a family business. In 2021 they began working with Johnny Nettles the owner of the original Murray Hill Dreamette and these dreams became a reality!

San Marco Dreamette opened for business in May, 2022 and we look forward to seeing you at the walk-up window!

If you would like to stay in touch with us, you can sign up for SMS text message updates and ice cream coupons! To enroll simply text the word “Dreamette” to (833) 777-0292. You can unsubscribe at any time.